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Plantar Fasciitis Relief and Weightloss

I started seeing Emma about 10 months ago. She has changed my life. My initial complaint was plantar fasciitis. Emma was able to give me a 48 hour break from the pain with the first treatment…ahhh so wonderful!…. after 6 months of excruciating pain.

Since that time she helped me to loose 37 lbs and to create a more healthy diet/exercise plan. Her knowledge is amazing. Emma has actually stopped a migraine on the spot and she has helped me tremendously with asthma allergies and work stress.

I highly recommend you visit her to help with almost anything that is a health concern. She is well versed in the latest techniques including cupping, acupuncture, message, laser therapy, auricular therapy, (to name a few), and her knowledge of herbal remedies is extensive.

A very happy client!

Lisa G.

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