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Toe cyst is pain-free

I have been working with Emma for about 6 months on curing a very large and unsightly cyst on the side and under my big toe, caused by pressure on the foot from my shoes and dancing. The foot doctor advised surgery, but there can be serious risks and/or side effects associated with this type of treatment and the cyst can return. The electro-therapy is slowly but surely reducing the cyst and I expect it to disappear completely. There are no side effects, the toe is pain-free and I walk normally now.

Emma is wonderful to work with, always upbeat and very professional. She has the patient’s well-being first and foremost. I also had a fall from slippery high heels and struck my back around the kidney. The pain was bad, but one visit to Emma and it disappeared immediately and never returned. I’m so glad I found her!

~ Jean

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