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Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroid

I started my acupuncture therapy about 3 months ago. I have Hashimoto’s and am Hypothyroid. Losing weight has been almost impossible for me. My feet and hands were cold all the time and had really bad circulation in my feet. Since my therapy with Emma my circulation has greatly improved and my feet and hands are rarely cold. I was also having digestion issues where my BM’s were loose and you could see undigested food and this is completely gone now.

I would highly recommend Emma to anyone thinking about seeing her. She makes you feel very comfortable, she’s very knowledgeable and is very empathetic.

No two sessions will ever be the same, be ready to have a new experience with every session which is great and I look forward to. I have auricular therapy and acupuncture on a regular basis and I love that I can see my progress on the Acu-Graph and it’s not a guessing game. The Acu-Graph gives me a much better understanding of my body and my treatment.

I have seen the scale creep down slowly but at least it’s moving now.

Oh I also came in once with a severe sore throat and I knew I would probably be down for at least a week and Emma did a cupping therapy on me there was no down time with zero antibiotics which was amazing.

Thank you Emma for all you do!

G. Aviles

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