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Neck and back pain

I started coming to Emma 7 months ago to address my neck and back pain. During our initial visit, I was interviewed thoroughly regarding my symptoms, concerns, eating and sleeping habits, stress level, activity level, etc. Emma determined I was suffering from worry, anxiety, stress and some depression which she immediately went to work on first through placing needles and

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Essential Tremor disorder relief

I suffer from Essential Tremor disorder which is a neurological condition that causes my hands to shake. The cause is not known, but it is often passed down genetically and can progressively worsen. There is no cure. I read an article that acupuncture is being researched as an aid in helping individuals have better control with the strength & control

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Toe cyst is pain-free

I have been working with Emma for about 6 months on curing a very large and unsightly cyst on the side and under my big toe, caused by pressure on the foot from my shoes and dancing. The foot doctor advised surgery, but there can be serious risks and/or side effects associated with this type of treatment and the cyst

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Sciatic Pain – Pain Free

I have had sciatic pain now for over three years. I have had every imaginable treatment, including cortisone injections. None have worked. I started seeing Dr. Emma six weeks ago, and it is the first time I have been pain free in a long time. She is a God sent!

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