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Sciatic and Back Pain

[I came] to lose weight, [help with my] problems sleeping, lower back pain, [and] sciatic pain. You helped me a lot. (No more pain after a few sessions, sleep improved, sadness went away, stopped cravings for food) Most important thing others should know is that Mrs. McKenzie is bilingual, has a lot of experience and her technique is very novel.

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Fatigue caused by hypothyroidism

Several years ago in another state, I began receiving acupuncture for fatigue caused by hypothyroidism that my prescribed medication could not affect. After moving to Houston, I had a difficult time finding an acupuncturist who was as thorough as my previous acupuncturist. I chose to visit Emma because the picture of her kind and gentle face reminded me of home.

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Bouts of sciatica

I started going to Emma a little over a month, desperately looking for relief from recurring bouts of sciatica. My pain level at the start of our sessions was regularly in the 7-10 level (10 being the highest level of pain). After the first session, I already had some relief and after several sessions my pain hovers in the 2-3

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Positive result in reducing anxiety

I’ve worked with Emma since November 2016 for anxiety management and energy work. We had had great success balancing my energy which has in turn had a positive result in reducing my anxiety. I have not had a panic attack in 5 months, am sleeping better, and overall have a more positive outlook! My family has also seen the positive

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