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Helped me mentally and physically

I moved to Houston in August to teach elementary music. I’d been in Dallas / Fort Worth for my whole life doing band / clarinet playing. I’m convinced my acupuncture sessions with Dr. McKenzie have helped me mentally and physically survive my first semester in a new city with a new career that keeps me very active for 6 hours / day. She is very caring and invested in her patients. She asks questions, takes detailed notes each session, and sends a follow up email the same evening, with the results from your AcuGraph and how to interpret it. We’ve been doing treatment sessions at her home near Cypress and it’s a great set up. She has an office for the computer & notes part, and a separate room with the treatment bed and heat lamps. Her sweet little dog visits sometimes too!

I had about 5 acupuncture treatments in DFW over 10 months and it made me a believer! I’m a clarinet player so my right hand is over-used and my left shoulder cramps up to compensate. Acupuncture helps release the inflammation and tension built up. I don’t get migraines anymore, rarely get headaches at all, and I can play my clarinet all day long with no soreness or arm fatigue.

When I moved to Houston in August, I found Dr. McKenzie through a Google search of licensed acupuncturists. My first treatment was for my seasonal allergies in mid-September. During my first treatment I could feel my throat pain vanish while I sat with the needles in. I called my then-fiance after my session and his first words were “WOW you don’t sound hoarse anymore why not!?” A follow up visit stopped the excessive mucous from my nose. I was very glad to get my allergies under control without taking any medications.

Dr. McKenzie then started treating me for my irregular periods. She uses an AcuGraph at the start of each session to see which meridians are blocked / causing problems. The graphs are really cool because we can see where my trouble spots are and how it correlates to my symptoms. Every time, the line that runs through my left shoulder is always bad, but it’s been improving. She puts the needles in me according to what’s most blocked. We’ve hit some pretty rough spots that have “jumped” (like a shock reflex) from my arm to my foot, but I can feel them open up during the resting time. After 3 months of treatments I’ve finally had 2 completely regular cycles– that hasn’t happened on its own in several years! Thanks, Dr. McKenzie! ~Jordan (Warren) Cerbantez

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