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Natural Treatment for Pain

I have been treating people with different kinds of pain. Some come with tingling and numbness in their limbs, others with migraine so bad that have to be driven to my place by a friend or relative, or with a back pain that prevents them to do their normal jobs. Physical pain causes them to have insomnia, nausea, constipation, light headedness, lack of appetite, irritability, and other detrimental symptoms which interfere with their job, their family, and their social life. Other people suffer from depression due to the loss of a very close person, or from anxiety which prevents them from doing things they want or need to do. Ninety or more percent of those who come for treatments also have very stressful jobs and suffer from different stress related illnesses. In short, most of the people who come to see me have some kind of pain. Sometimes a psychological pain reflects itself as physical pain, and needs to be attended to before it causes severe illness. Most patients get treated at my office with traditional acupuncture which involves the insertion of very thin needles in special spots in their body called acupuncture points.

Some people are afraid of needles, and they want an alternative method. In those cases, I treat them with LLT (low laser therapy) and other techniques available to acupuncturists. When we use these methods, we still implement the same treatments we do when using needles, but with a different instrument, and the results are the same. A significant number of my patients are getting rid of their pain, sleeping better, increasing their energy, and are being able to get more enjoyment in their lives.

The advantages of using acupuncture over medications are many, and they have been recognized by the World Health Organization and by many health practitioners in the US and many other countries in the world. When you use acupuncture you are not putting anything harmful into your body such as opioids or steroids, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories which may have severe side effects in the long run. Acupuncture is a holistic natural therapy which stimulates your immune system and body chemistry to heal your body and reduce inflammation and pain. At the same time, it regulates the production of some neurotransmitters and other body chemicals acting in the nervous system to promote your emotional health.

Try acupuncture for relief of your pain. Make an appointment at AcuBalance Center of Houston. Press the red Schedule an Appointment button in the upper right corner of this page and book a free interview or call 713 444 3249.  Become one more of my free of pain and satisfied patients.

Emma McKenzie, MS., MAOM., L.Ac.

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